Friday, February 11, 2011


Ah yes 3 of a kind is a full house. That describes our life as a family of 5 with 3 of the members being little boys. We have Mom, Dad, Big Little (who will be 3 in April), Medium Little (who just turned one in the beginning of January) and Little Little (who was just born a few days before Medium Little turned one). We are all living in a 2 bedroom home that was not set up to handle more than 3. We make it work but this blog is mostly going to be about our journey to make it work better.

 So how will we try to do that? 

We will post about our organizing projects to make our life more streamline. Mom is also into crafting and plans on making things that will serve a purpose and maybe a few that just look cute. Dad likes to earn money on many of the point sites like Mypoints and Swagbucks and he has tricks to share if I can pull him away from watching the videos for points. We have many interests, guessing because Mom was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 16 and if you met Dad you would say he also has the letters. We love to share those interests and thought this was the best way. Expect to see a post about everything from food to furniture making at some point.

Why a blog?

Really why not a blog.  To be honest if you look online in 2011 EVERYONE has a blog. They are just so easy to create that I think they may just replace every ones Facebook profiles. Since there are so many blogs out there, people have access to share and get ideas in a way that can be time consuming (or time wasting as usually the case around here). This is just another way for our family to share what we found to be cool and maybe you would want to try.

Now remember we have 3 under 3 so it may take some time to get this up and running so check back often. We are really happy you stopped by.

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