Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something new

Today I am working in the kitchen while the 2 Littles are taking naps and the Big Little is off at school. If my kitchen was remotely clean enough that I would be ok showing it on the internet I would show you each step but I have 3 little ones under foot at all times so flour is thrown everywhere and measuring cups are strewn about with no disregard for their well being.

What I am making is a combination of two recipes. I am horrible at making dough from scratch. Who knows what I am doing wrong and I have given up trying to figure it out. That is why I depend on my bread maker almost as much as I depend on my mom (and I call her at least once a week just to chat, much more if I have a problem). I found a pizza dough recipe that I have made many times and it works great. I add some garlic powder and parsley to give it a kick, just raid your spice cabinet if you are feeling adventurous.

The other part is this homemade hot pocket.

Photo Source

I am trying to use my above pizza dough instead of the dough they make, because as stated before I make paste more than dough. I also am using the leftover meat pasta sauce from last nights dinner as a filling, some mozzarella cheese, peperoni and bacon (we LOVE meat pizzas). The test will be if they hold up to the freezer for lunches. If they do then HALLELUJAH! we can start the filling trials.

So here I go back to the kitchen before someone wakes up.

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