Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 1 through 6: Changing Plans

I started the year in the hospital. It was not suppose to be that way but things were not documented properly and the date of my c-section for Little Little was moved from December 30th to January 3rd. I cried and screamed and was so very upset about the change in plans. I hate that I get so worked up when plans change but I have always been that way. Looking at it objectively I feel like a fool for acting the way I did and always do. Everything works out fine, Big and Medium Little were fine, Dad was able to be there for the birth and visit at least once a day.

I have to take this new project and rework it so I can get some order in my life. The project I speak of is the 52 Organization project over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I have all 52 projects written out and because I was starting later than most people (you know a newborn will do that to ya) I was panicking to get caught up.

Well two things happened in my need to do what others were doing. First I created more work for myself because the 5 projects I had written first were very difficult to complete with the Littles running around. I tried doing them after the kids had gone to bed but that left me so darn tired I didn't want to continue. I got discouraged and kept putting it off. Second I felt like a failure for not getting those things done I couldn't see what I could do in 20, 15 even 10 minutes and start getting things crossed off.

Today I decided to change some plans. No kicking and screaming, just going forward and start crossing things off that list. As soon as I got Big Little on the bus, Medium Little down for a nap and Little Little fed and placed in his swing I set to work on the spice cabinet.

Oh what a mess! I had things in there that were donated by others who were cleaning out their cabinets (why do I take peoples things that they don't want!?), things that we had and made us sick (yeah Sesame Oil does not agree with our family) and things I had for recipes that we did not like. I also had two jars of baking powder and two boxes of baking soda opened and half used. Not to mention a box of Nestle Quick that had maybe half a teaspoon left of powder in it. I blame that one on the hormones since chocolate milk was my craving item with Little Little.

I cleared everything out of the cupboard to see what I had and didn't need.
Pulled the trash can right up to the counter and if it was something I know we haven't used in the past year, was pretty much empty or made us sick (that sesame oil) it went in the trash. I figured this would keep me from second guessing myself and thinking I would use it and store it for another 4 years. Spices are hard for me to let go because I could see the price tag on some of those items and $4 is a lot for such a small item. Alas if it won't get used what does it matter if it was $400 or .04, it is wasting space and needs to go.

I placed spices I use, but not daily, in the back. The daily ones were in the front and I filled the counter spice rack up with the extra bottles I had. All the baking items (powder, soda, extracts and coco) were grouped together on the second shelf. I also put more commonly used items in the front and placed soup bases in the back. On the third shelf I placed a container I had just collecting random stuff on the counter and used it for sprinkles and food coloring. Since this shelf is so high up (and I am only 5 foot ) I put items that I only use for special occasions (like cookie, cake and cupcake decorating).

I want to make a list of what is in the cupboard, place it in a page protector, and tape it on the inside of the door. That way I don't end up with 5 chili powders (yeah that happened) or start a recipe only to have to frantically have Dad run to the store, then come home, then run back because I accidentally said soda and needed powder (yeah that happened too. He came back with 3 baking powders and 3 baking sodas so he didn't have to go out a third time). For now I am happy with my clean cupboard and will get to the list over the weekend.


  1. Do not, I repeat, do not be so hard on yourself. You have 3 little boys?? That is enough to make anyone think they have ADHD! I think you are doing great just to put food on the table! My kids are all grown and gone, that is the only reason I am actually able to accomplish something at this point (along with the challenge and finally being a stay-at-home wife). PS You should see my guest's a mess!

  2. I found your blog off a link up on organizingjunkie, and I have to say you are off to a great start! I can't wait to read more. I have two kids (4 and 2) and a third due in June, and love your description of the Littles. Also excited to hear how other moms of three make it all work. I was especially excited to see your menu planning, and all the freezer meals on there. Please keep it up!

  3. Nice job! I did my baking cabinet this week. Don't worry, with the motivation and support of others doing the 52 week challenge we'll all get there :-)

  4. I wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement. Comments are always nice so I don't feel like I am talking to myself - although I tend to do that too.
    Also Kathryn - I am sure you may have heard this before but going from one to two is much harder than going from two to three. My trick is to allow the big ones to "help" as much as possible. We seem to have less jealousy tantrums when they are all involved.