Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I should be doing

What I should be doing is picking up the toys and vacuuming the living room.
What I should be doing is folding the laundry and putting it all away.
What I should be doing is the dishes - unloading and then reloading the dishwasher.
What I should be doing is cleaning the bathroom - top to bottom.
The list could go on.
What I AM doing is sitting on the computer wasting my time looking at blogs and facebook. I am ignoring that pile of dishes and basket full of laundry. The Littles are all sleeping for the moment and I am enjoying the peace and quiet for a moment. I would feel a little guilty about this after Big and even Middle Little were born but now that Little Little is here I take pride in the fact that they were dressed and I was showered. That everyone was fed 3 meals and some snacks. Big Little made it to and from school with no notes about him pushing a kid (I haven't had those notes ever BTW). If I get anything more than that done in a day consider it a bonus.

I am enjoying seeing Little Little make his first "not gas" smiles. Middle Little learning to communicate with small syllables and pointing. Big Little out of the blue picking up all his toys and putting them away (yeah he did that today. I said we will be eating lunch in 10 minutes and he started picking up all his toys with no one asking him to. So impressed). I am enjoying making small treats for my family, 100% from scratch carrot cake, Dad's favorite.

So take some time to look around you and ignore the TO-DO list for a night. It will still be there in the morning but you will have taken the time to enjoy what you have. 10 years from now you will not remember the night the dishes weren't done but you will remember when you learned your 3 year old can clean up without being asked.

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