Thursday, March 10, 2011

Organization Challenge: Kids Clothes

I can not believe it is Friday. Really, Friday? Well I guess when you get as little sleep as I do the days really run together. Since it is Friday it means another week of 'The Challenge". I kinda took it a tad easy but did something that has been driving me crazy for a LONG time. The kids clothes.

I have a small 2 year old (3 in April) a chunky 1 year old and a even chunkier 2 month old. I have clothes for them ranging from newborn to 4T. I had an idea that I would go through the boxes and keep only 14 items of each size. Meaning I would keep 14 pairs of pants in size 2T, 14 pairs in size 6-9 months, etc. This created a HUGE mess because I would have to go through each item of clothing and inspect for stains, holes, rips, etc. Then I also had to remember that what my oldest wore at 6 months would not be the same thing my 2 month old would wear when he is at that age - I live in a state with seasons. It was just a daunting task and seemed to cause more work than what was needed. I also attempted this when I was very pregnant with Little Little and could barely get everyday tasks done.

Today I decided I would have one tote per size. I sat them out and looked at the tags only when sorting. I didn't care if they had stains or what-not because when I get to placing them in the drawers I would pull those out if I need to. I may need to keep some stained clothes for painting or gardening as well. It took me all of 30 minutes to get through 7 boxes of clothes - and they are FULL boxes. I slapped a label on the boxes and put them in the basement for clothing changes when I need to.

Since Little Little is the last of the babies (unless the doctors didn't get the clips just right) once he is out of a size, the clothing will be placed in our large family garage sale we hold every summer. If an item is too stained I plan on cutting the piece up into squares for picnic blankets.

So why am I using a large tote to hold just one size? My kids are very lucky in the gift department from family and friends. I have tried to tell people that they don't have to buy them things but have found that people love to buy baby clothes. I have to admit I have a hard time not getting a clearance Target item here and there. When we get a article of clothing for holidays, birthdays, just because I have room to put the item away until they are ready to wear them. I have some new items from Christmas that I just left the tags on when I was sorting. I didn't see the need in making more work for myself.

There is my tip for organizing - Don't make more work for yourself. Changing a plan that isn't working is ok. This journey is for you and your family. Organization is not a one size fits all, much like my kids clothing.

Middle Little and Big Little 


  1. Great tip on not making more work for yourself. Thanks!

  2. I had 3 daughters and passed clothes down from the first to second, but third came 6 years later so she had all new stuff! You are doing great!